Special Plea

Little Lou (also known as Lulu) is mum to Ebony. These photos were taken a few weeks ago when they were still  unsure of  human contact, having lived outside all their lives. (Unfortunately they are still camera shy for new photos!)  Lulu is the one at  the top of the cupboard. They have since made good progress and are proving to be a closely-bonded mum and daughter,  even more so as Ebony’s sister was recently homed.  While they still do not like human touch,  they make themselves comfortable sitting next to their fosterer and are now brave enough to venture on to her lap.  They love to play and chase each other, Lulu is still acting very kittenish. Their new adopter will have some experience of timid cats and  will  understand they need  time and patience to re-settle. Homed as a pair we would advise no children or other pets. (SS)